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Many people in our communities are hungry. COVID-19 has put people in unfortunate circumstances as some have lost their jobs or been placed on a furlough. They are finding it difficult to pay bills and purchase groceries. Families are also feeling the strain from Coronavirus as those that depended on school lunches to help feed their children throughout the week are struggling to put enough food on their tables to feed growing children. Since the Coronavirus outbreak, Grace at the Cross has had the opportunity to share the love of God by serving those who do not have enough food. In partnership with Common Heart and Second Harvest food bank, we host quarterly mobile food pantries providing food for more than 150 families at each pantry.   


We know families today are pulled in so many different directions. Busy parent schedules and tons of kids extra curricular activities keep families constantly on the go and potentially feeling the strain of never slowing down. Because we commit to doing so much and the people and settings around us are always changing, we lose a sense of regularity and community. We see the needs children have in the gift of a community that builds them up and encourages them to grow in their life of faith. Because of this reality in our lives, one of the initiatives of the ministry at Grace at the Cross is to build up children in faith and community. Our Awana ministry helps to share the faith and provide a safe and encouraging environment for the children of the community to come together, make friends and learn more about God and the world God made.

The mission and ministry of Grace at the Cross is made possible by the generosity and faithfulness of donors like you. Through the gifts of volunteering your time to serve, offering freely of the talents and skills God has given you to do the work of this ministry and giving back to God what God has first given us in our finances and resources are all ways we can work to make a difference in the world. 


If you are in a position to support this ministry please prayerfully consider how God might be calling you to make an offering. Please email Pastor Josh or the church office if you have some time to volunteer and/or a specific gift/talent that may be useful for carrying out the ministry. If you would like to make a financial gift to the ministry you may do so in the following ways:

  • by check mail to the church 

  • online giving through your bank 

  • using the "Donate Now" buttons

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